3 months to a healthy, balanced business (and life)!

You’ve been doing things the current way for a while. Ready to find a new way? Here are the three steps to working directly with Martha: 


STEP 1                            Fill out the questionnaire

                                       press submit. Then you can set a time to talk HERE.


press submit, and we'll meet to talkSTEP 2

Assessment & Plan. 

Duration: 3 weeks.

Investment: $1500. 

  • Experience your restaurant. Having an interaction with your establishment helps inform the rest of the process. (Clients honor a 60% bill through the duration of our work together.) 
  • Review your marketing. Looking carefully at your website, social media, reviews, competition is also critical.
  • Meet and review the six pillars. This normally consists of (2) two-hour meetings (with Martha) in-person or over the phone. Questions are asked and answered; the six pillars are discussed. This is all about gaining a deep understanding in order to determine the best way to move forward. 
  • Deliver your plan. Within one week of the assessment, your customized 3-month plan with action dates will be delivered. Next, we embark on step 3: 


Work together to achieve goals. 

Duration: 3 months.

Investment: $1500-$3000 per month. 

We work together to implement plan, change habits and move your business in a new, healthy direction. Based on your needs, each arrangement includes regular contact, meetings and accountability. 

After our work together, you join the roster of satisfied clients and thriving businesses. 

Always striving --improving your business, with better profit allows you to be healthier.

Always striving --improving your business, with better profit allows you to be healthier.